• Mark Nathan Willetts
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Creative Outburst
Walking Bread
Creative Outburst is a 3D illustrative installation that I produced exclusively for the Surface Gallery Draw the Line Exhibition.
Featured around the world - The Walking Bread is an abstract art series I created using sculpture, lighting design and photography.
Nominated for The 2014 CSS Design Awards - Marktropolis is an indepth animated experience featuring different interactive rooms that show my work.
Managing, consulting, and working editorial for various aspects on a joint project between LDE, Cambridge University Press, and Route1 games.
B-Boy 4 life
Brick Team Customs
Breaking the mould
Educational Pinball
B-boy 4 life is a fashion range that I designed whilst looking into product options. Click to view the store-front in a new tab/window.
With over 11,000 subscribers, and over 4 million views. Brick team customs is an entertainment channel that I produced on a shoe string budget.
Dance Portals is an animated audio visual experience that I created, it was installed at Erewash museum and featured in the Newark advertiser.
My Educational Pinball article written for Elearning Industry explains how a considered mix of pedagogical tools is necessary for effective learning.
About me
As a dancer I worked hard for many years, performing at large events around the country and teaching.
I explored creativity from an early age, but it was between the ages of 16 and 21 that I strengthened my foundation by practising many traditional art methods.
Happy fin is a simple organic handwritten font that I designed, which is available for purchase through the well known font site MyFonts.