An organic font from MNW Foundry
Happyfin is an organic typeface based on simple handwritten characters, which have been painstakingly developed through a long process into a vectorised form; thusly allowing a freeform structure within the context of a strict digital font.

The font utilises a unique amount of organic charm allowing the letters to reflect a level of human character, which shines through in its fun and energetic appearance; and yet the font still adheres to a strong and rigid form with great readability.

This organic typeface holds personality in every curve and yet is very simple in nature. It contains complexity in every nuance so that any given message written with Happyfin - comes to life for the intended viewer.

Happyfin is a production from MNW foundry and can be purchased for a great price from Font retailer MYFONTS.COM. Visit the site by clicking the link below.