About: Mark Nathan Willetts

Born in 1982 with a mixed cultural heritage; I have always had an interest for the nuance, the abstract, the very things that open a person's mind to new meaning and understanding.
Years ago, the editor, at the time, of the New York Art magazine - Jason Stopa, referred to me as being a "renaissance man". And I feel that such a description aptly sums up the ethos for how I approach life; with wide eyed wonder, persistence, and dedication to explore this reality whilst bringing new constructs into existence.
Performing on stage at the Liverpool International Festival.
2010 theatre show ABraCaDaBra for which I wrote and narrated the script.
For over 2 decades, I have trained and studied for thousands of hours to master a wide variety of skills, also gaining 6 formal qualifications in the process; and building a valuable amount of further experience for technology, education, and business whilst working as an educational specialist for companies such as Learndirect and Experian.
Within my career my skills have proven indispensable for delivering some high level technical projects, such as an A.I assisted invigilation platform, as well as for working on many aspects of a 3d voice recognition English language learning application in conjunction with Cambridge University Press; and various other projects besides.
Teaching and mentoring others is something that I am passionate about.
Shortlisted for ESU President’s award for new technology in English language teaching.
Outside of my career I spend my time as a creative practitioner, pursuing projects of my own design; and with an exploration of the arts that has taken me through dance, painting, writing, music, poetry, and a wide range of other creative exploration.
There is something magical about seeing an idea brought to life; with something that was once but a series of electrical impulses inside the brain, gaining a presence within the world for others to experience and interact.
A sample selection of my work can be viewed on this website, with more available across my social media accounts; and there is much more on the way.
I believe that life is a gift with so much opportunity to learn, develop, and contribute.
Thank you for reading. Mark
"We must continually grow until our ideas converge for a better future"
- Mark Nathan Willetts