Exhibit: Dance Portals

Posted 20th September 2016
Artistic expression has been prevalent within society, from the early cave paintings, right up to the celebrated graffiti of Banksy; with countless artists translating their own creative energy through a variety of mediums and styles.
The process of creation can be described as a transcendence from the imaginative and sometimes dreamlike metaphysical reality that resides inside a person's own individual mind, into a tangible experience within the shared reality of the world; which can then evoke ideas and emotions from somebody else's mind.
Dance portals attempts to capture the way that both graffiti and breakdance are able to manifest a connective moment in time for audiences; who are seemingly transported to another reality as the environment in front of them is transmuted, as if by magic, into a work of art.
Meanwhile, each of the 5 animated scenes also represent the abstract and instinctively raw creative thoughts that connect a dancer to their environment through the wild freedom of the dance.
Click or tap the video below to play:
The inspiration behind Dance Portals came from my own experiences as a dancer whereby the difference in environment has often fueled my mind, creating a synergy with the movements of my body.
Dance portals was first installed and exhibited at Erewash museum in 2017 as a screen based version; however, I have since redeveloped the piece from the ground up to be a truely magical augmented reality experience.
An earlier online version of the installation titled "Breaking The Mould", which was split into a series of individual pieces, was covered both online and in the paper by the Newark advertiser.
Mark Nathan Willetts is a creative entrepreneur from Nottingham, England. His artistic work has been exhibited internationally. And he has worked as an educator and senior editor at companies such as Experian and Velawoods.
"We must continually grow until our ideas converge for a better future"
- Mark Nathan Willetts