Art Dance: My dance
Posted 21st May 2014
My story
I became a dancer in the year 2000 whilst studying in the city of Hull, I soon became part of a crew in Liverpool and continually pushed myself athletically and creatively to perform a variety of intense moves and combinations.

For well over a decade I have maintained a presence in the global dance community and was recognised for the amount of creative moves that I invented as well as my ability to hold some very difficult moves.

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As the years have passed I have been to events in most of the cities around the country and even some across the world. I have performed on stage many times, with the largest crowd being around 5000 people at Nottingham's Motorpoint Arena. I have also danced in competitions and to promote brands. I have often felt that dancing has provided the basis for another half of a dual identity, which has allowed me to gain some extraordinary life experiences that add to my greater whole.