Art exhibit: The Walking Bread
Posted 15th May 2014
The Walking Bread is an art series that I produced which went on to gain worldwide attention. My intention for each scene was for the bread to be very simple whilst the composition and lighting effects would create a resemblance to key scenes from the television show The Walking Dead, which results in an exciting reaction within the mind as the brain relates recognisable similarities and bridges the gaps from abstraction to something recognisable.

Please click the thumbnails below to view:

Emmy award winning television producer Lora Wiley-Lennartz interviewed me about this art series for the American magazine site Citizen Brooklyn

Ben Ireland also interviewed me for the Nottingham Evening Post link , whilst I was also given a full page about the work within the newspaper.

Gale Anne Hurd who is an Executive producer for The Walking Dead, as well as producer for such movies as Terminator 2 and Aliens, expressed her appreciation for my art through Twitter:

The work was also featured on highly acclaimed website - Comic Book Resources (CBR) aswell as a variety of other websites such as Designs you trust, aswell as throughout social media.

Even Marmite got in on the fun with a Facebook post: