About Me

Years ago, the editor at the time of the New York Art magazine; Jason Stopa, referred to me as being a "renaissance man". I feel that such a description aptly sums up the ethos for how I approach life, with wide eyed wonder, persistence and dedication to explore whilst tangibly recreating the energies that reside within my being.

One of my abstract illustrative pieces, which are inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.
Born in 1982 from a mixed cultural heritage I have always had an interest for the nuance, the abstract, the very things that open a person's mind to new meaning and understanding. This has lead me on a journey through my life, a quest if you will, to learn and develop myself. On a daily basis I appreciate and absorb as much insight, knowledge and technical skill as a can manage so that I may suitably re-enforce my creative instincts for producing the most exciting high quality materials.
The 2010 theatre show ABraCaDaBra for which I wrote and narrated the script.
I have a degree in Graphic design, a teaching qualification, an APM qualification in Project management, a Google analytics qualification, and a distinction in digital marketing from the Chartered institute.

Outside of the institutionalised training I have undertaken thousands of hours of personal study with a concept that "If I can do it myself, I will do it myself". Initially this sometimes had friends and family questioning the rational of my objective, often with advocation for my not becoming "a jack of all trades, but a master of none".

Eventually the convergence of my various skills interwove to improve my overall level of performance, which lead to my working on multifaceted high level materials for companies such as The National Design academy, Experian, and Learn direct.
Myself teaching a class.
Introductory screen to an Experian sales training course that I designed for Tallyman retail banking software.
Outside of my career I have infact gone further with the depth of my accomplishments. For instance in 2010 I worked collaboratively with a group of dancers, as writer and narrator for the theatre production show "ABraCaDaBra".

Two of my educational articles have been published, so far, with professors and managers from other countries contacting me to express their shared belief in the educational principles I had explored via the articles.

I have been training my artistic practice since a very early age, and my aspirations have lead me to a variety of exhibits, with my 2014 art series "The Walking Bread gaining worldwide attention with features and interviews on various websites and in the newspaper, with Hollywood producer Gale Anne Heard openly praising the work. My living art feature "Breaking the mould" was exhibited at Erewash museum, and my abstract drawing piece "Creative outburst" was exhibited as part of the draw the line exhibition at Surface gallery.

Article from the Nottingham Post regarding my Walking Bread art series.
One of the images from my Walking Bread art series.
Perhaps the most contrastive element of my creative pursuits is dance. I have been involved in Breakdancing since the year 2000. I feel the physical expressionism of this art form has brought a level of dynamism to my other works. I also attribute a strong level of my personal cognitive and conceptual development to the networking I have had with the many dance associated people, from all over the world, that I have met over the years.

Moving forward I have many aspirations for various creative works that I will be working on in the future, and a handful which I am already in the midst of bringing to life such as my first educational book which will be released very soon.

I believe that life is a gift with so much opportunity to develop, learn and contribute.

Thank you for reading. Mark

Training my moves on the cliff side, next to Durdle door in Weymouth.
Performing a live showcase of my moves on stage at the Liverpool hub festival.
Aztec inspired tribal pattern lampshade that I designed.