Exhibit: The Oppression of Play
Posted 6th March 2018

The oppression of play is a series of 6 photographs; created using practical effects as a means for exploring the conflict which often occurs between an artist's desire and personal needs for creating art, and the pressure from the world around that typically results in an oppression of a person's creativity.

Having spoken to hundreds of artists, of all kinds over the years, it became apparent that there is an ever present influence for conformity within the world that is affecting a great many artists; with artistic pursuits quite often being classified as "playing around".


The importance of play
Play is incredibly important for the development of a person's intelligence during their formative years as a child. And yet that inquisitiveness and thirst for experimentation is often quelled through a commonly present idealogoy which decries creative play as being evident of a lack of maturity.

And yet without such play, we might never have journeyed to Hogwarts with Harry, or felt the energy of Bach or Beethoven, or even Justin Timberlake and many other talented musicians who's experimentation with music has enraptured our hearts.

Nor would Einstein and other scientists have guided humanity's progression through experiments and theoretical ideas into a common understanding of the world that many take for granted every day; with the power of play in fact having a vital role in shaping millions of lives over the millennia, dating right back to the very first cave paintings.


Artistic Turmoil
For the artists who do become influenced by the ideology that they are not permitted to play, there can exist a great deal of inner turmoil between: the need for realizing and bringing to life the ideas and energies from within, and a sense that such creativity should be buried and left in the past with a person's childhood.

Through the oppression of play I have attempted to capture the conflict that an artist might experience, with the symbolic building block representing ideas that may at times feel so heavy through an artist's sensation of inability towards committing themselves into the necessary creativity, as well as through any deliberate suppression of their creative thoughts.

This series of images culminates with symbolic representation of the artist freeing their creative energy and releasing it unto the world through their productive output.

Please click the thumbnails below to view:

For this work I was massively inspired by classic oil paintings; and tried to evoke the warmth from Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers and the blues from Pablo Picasso's blue period through the usage of portable coloured lighting. And I chose an art nude format for the work so as to capture an essence that is reminiscent of the renaissance era paintings, with the photos holding an almost oil painting type quality to them.