Lego: Powerloader Playset
Posted 12th March 2015
The story
It is the year 2107 Ellen is 15 years old. As a punishment for bad behaviour, Ellen has been sent away for the summer to work for her Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe works in charge of the Mars Haulage space trading company, shipping cargo to the outer colonies. He promises that he will teach Ellen some valuable life lessons and skills, including how to handle a Powerloader.

Ellen falters whilst loading her first crates onto the Cargo hauler truck, and so is rumbled by Uncle Joe as her forbidden secret stash of luxury items are spilled for all to see.

Click the images in the gallery below to view all the great features of the set:

This set comprises -
• The Cargo Powerloader

• A Cargo Hauler (original) vehicle - that is styled in a 1980s Scifi chunky retro style,

• One Ellen minifigure

• One Uncle Joe (original character) minifigure

• Two crates and a selection of small minifig items which go into the crates

The set itself took around 3 months to design and build, using pictures from the movies as a reference and then experimenting with various brick combinations purchased specifically to find the closest balance of scale vs visual accuracy.