Exhibit: Breaking the Mould
Posted 20th September 2016


The city structure is a canvas through which Breakdancers and Graffiti artists explore and express their own individuality.

Breakdancers take pause from the powerful moves of their dance to freeze and become living structures, which temporarily provide a sense of wonder to other people.

Graffiti artists make permanent adjustments to the city landscape, transforming blank walls into new ideas for reality.

Breaking the Mould combines an essence for how Breakdancers and Graffiti artists interact with the city around them. 5 magical portals represent a window to the soul of an artist, with a striking dichotomy between the rugged expressive nature of the dance and art, compared to the abstract surreal and often tranquil nature of the artist's inner self.

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The exhibit is based upon my own experiences as a dancer whereby the difference in environment has inspired my mind to synergise with the movements of my body to reflect my emotional reaction. The piece is intended to be a living piece of art that is projected onto a wall so as to appear as if it is a portal into another world, however it can also be installed on a conventional screen.

An earlier online version of the installation, which was split into an exhibition of individual pieces, was covered both online and in the paper by the Newark advertiser.