Mark Nathan Willetts is a British designer and polymath from Nottingham, England and has over 10 years experience in the arts and design. Mark has worked both freelance and commercially as a designer for the likes of Fuel Media, and E-Learning materials designer for companies suchs as The National Design Academy and Experian.

Mark's hard working ethos has lead to his development in a wide area of skills to a high set of standards across the following areas: graphic-design, illustration, product design, animation, interactive-design and more. New York Art magazine editor Jason Stopa upon seeing the range of work even referred to Mark as a modern 'Renaissance man'.

Mark is also a published writer with his latest educational articles being shared across the internet. In 2010, following the release of his own short feature production 'The battle', he was chosen to write and narrate the storyline for theatre production 'Abracadabra'.

Mark draws on his tireless progression through research into art and design from the past, along with explorations of techniques and style, to cast his own unique viewpoint on the world.
Preview of my logo designs
New product range coming soon!
Preview of my illustrations
New animated feature coming soon!
Preview of my product designs
Marktropolis is my animated and interactive portfolio, featuring over 5 minutes of animation and various interactivity. I created it as a demonstration of my skills and to showcase my work in a fun way. In 2014 it became a nominee in the CSS Design Awards.
Happyfin is the name of my typeface design, that I released for sale online. The font is based upon handwriting and aims to capture the humanistic character. But focused through a simplified and disciplined structure for legibility.
'Breaking the mould' is an exhibition I created utilising abstraction and metaphor. Through the usage of animation, select music and written prose I aimed to provide a thought provoking exploration into the creative energies of a dancer.
Facebook page
I have built up quite a nice following on Facebook, which is where I post my latest creations and experimentations alongside some of my more traditional artwork. I also use this as a staging ground to gauge interest in possible future products.